Blue Ink

Blue is a memory
of days at primary school:
of dipping pens into inkwells,
the scratch of italic nibs,
and a summer sky outside
the classroom window,
copying a poem by Blake
or some old poet on lined
paper, a blue tint of words.
Blue was the colour
of our uniform, much darker
than ink, more like the night,
hiding stains and individuality:
normality in navy blue.

Kim M. Russell, 27th November 2019

Image result for italics in blue ink

My response to Thotpurge’s Poetry Tuesday #4 – Blue

Rajani says that for the last Poetry Tuesday offering this November, the prompt is ‘Blue’ – sky, sea, mood, music, sapphires, ink – blue is where poems begin!

11 thoughts on “Blue Ink

  1. Sigh.. I miss my blue uniform and my blue ink pen too!!!! Such precious memories! And before the pens that had those ink-filler-things attached, we had little droppers that were used to fill ink in the pens- made a godawful mess too!!! Thanks for reminding me of the good ol’ days, Kim! And am so glad you made it to Poetry Tuesday. Hope you get better soon! Take care!

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  2. Love this poem. Needed a feel good today.Forgot about ink wells and nib pens. Gosh we’ve come a long way People of our age have been through so many changes. That is why we are so interesting:) One of my favourite poems of yours.

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  3. I couldn’t help thinking of blue pencil editing, reinforced by your last line. Some colors are abused. We used blue at a newspaper, as it didn’t show up in the photo technology. In school, my work was red penciled. When I was a teacher, I used green. I wonder if it made a difference.

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  4. OH MY GOODNESS! I had forgotten inkwells, and what a mess I made on the paper, doing thoose circles they made us do – mine always scratched through the paper. I am only surprised there were not more spilled inkwells. Today they would ALL be spilled. LOL. But we were scared of our teachers back then.

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