Spirit Animals

On my life’s journey I take a cat,
for companionship and warmth,
a deer, for quietude,
and a magpie, for freedom
and to seek out truth.
Spirits animals shift
and merge with shadow
underneath a weeping willow,
and what emerges from beneath the tree
is me.

Kim M. Russell, 2nd December 2019


My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Spirited Poems

This Monday De’s word for the Quadrille is ‘spirit’.

46 thoughts on “Spirit Animals

    1. Thank you so much, Jane. I picked up a chest infection the Saturday before last while staying with my daughter in Hampshire and it wasn’t until 00.45 l;ast Tuesday morning that I realised I’d picked up the vomiting bug too! It didn’t help that I had to walk to the station in the heaviest downpour ever on Monday lunchtime and had to sit in a damp coat and scarf on the five hour journey home. Not good when you have asthma. I couldn’t get a doctor’s appointment until Thursday and was prescribed antibiotics for the chest infection and I didn’t eat at all until the weekend. Thank you for the good wishes. 😉


  1. Lovely! I like the idea of animal spirits and our connecting with them. My cousin is in firm belief and communion with his animal “totem” – I believe it is a lion. You’ve got me thinking what animal I would choose to be most akin to….:)

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  2. Lovely, soft as satin, sweet as honey dew, this one is a hug with words. I like where your mind went, and the line /a magpie–for freedom/. I once encountered a talking crow, which blew my mind.

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  3. Oh didn’t know you were ill, sending my best wishes for speedy recovery. Luv the melding of spirits in the companionship walk through life

    Happy Monday

    much love…

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    1. Thank you, Merril. I’m much better than I was and went to the supermarket yesterday. I did have a cat on my lap earlier this morning but she’s gone off to see whether my husband is getting up!

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