Arroyo of Dreams

In sleep, I drift through unfamiliar landscapes, scanning rock formations for other signs of life, feeling like a space traveller, far from green fields and horizons lined with oak and birch.

In the distance, a cow is screaming across the arroyo. Its powerful anguish metamorphoses into a dust devil, a column of sand towering above rocks and giant cacti. It whips me into its arms and spins me into the arroyo. My feet barely skim the surface of the dried-out riverbed, wide as a small town and deeper than my dream.

On the other side, the cow is caught in a tangle of roots. a gnarly grip on the cow’s spindly legs. Its eyes flash acknowledgement, then turn dull as it writhes in pain. I reach for it with both hands, grasp its neck and tug.

I wake up in a desperate quilted embrace.

Kim M. Russell, 9th December 2019

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Prosery: Jim Harrison

Linda is our host for this Monday’s Prosery, the seventh, and she has given us a line from Jim Harrison’s poem ‘Cow’: “A cow is screaming across the arroyo.”  I had to look up the word ‘arroyo’. Tricky!

37 thoughts on “Arroyo of Dreams

  1. A Western nightmare dreamscape, very clever; great sense of place with macabre touches. I liked this one a lot. I was thinking of using a dream, but went with first person reality.

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    1. Thank you, Sascha! Dreams can seem so real, although I’ve never been in a desert or seen an arroyo. It’s amazing how the brain collects and processes details.


  2. “wide as a small town and deeper than my dream.” Truly excellent description. I enjoyed this storytelling a lot! And the photo is a perfect example of desolate beauty.

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  3. Oh my! Its eyes…..haunting detail! And waking up tied up in the quilt…that dream so real you reacted in your sleep to the physical thing nearest to you. Well done! I hope this dream does not materialize for you! Better to have those cats snuggling on your feet 🙂

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