And we begin again

The new year always makes me melancholy. The idea of having to start all over again is depressing, having been through it so many times in my life. I try to ignore it.

On New Year’s Eve, I shut the curtains on fireworks and revelry, read a book and listen to music. The next day is just another day. I’m ready to get on with things just as before.

I look forward to the libraries and infant schools re-opening, places where I spend most of my week singing songs, reciting nursery rhymes, listening to children read, and gleaning hope from the youngsters who will take over from us in the next decade.

old leaves cling to trees
until the wind scatters them
early snowdrops bloom

Kim M. Russell, 6th January 2020

Snowdrops (2)

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Beginning again

Björn is our host for the first haibun prompt of the new year and a new decade, welcoming us back from our brief hiatus. He reminds us that it is already almost a week since we started to write the year 2020, and the new year is still mostly a blank page with potential for greatness, as we have left last year in the trash.

He has given us an example of a haiku by Basho, which is about the new year and the need to clean the house to feel a beginning.

Björn would like us to write a haibun about any beginning, it could be the start of a journey, a new year’s resolution, the planting of seeds or simply the dawn of yet another day. As usual, we should limit the prose of the haibun to no more than a few paragraphs, and let the haiku align to nature and season.

40 thoughts on “And we begin again

    1. Thank you, Sarah. It was lovely to return to the infant school today and be greeted by smiling faces. And this morning, Ellen Face-messaged me with Lucas and he has learnt new words!

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  1. The haiku with this made me smile, Kim. Just perfect. There is indeed hope in being with young children. Seeing the world through their eyes. And oh yes….I know what you mean. Many years I would just rather keep living and moving forward rather than recognizing that another full year has come and gone. I’d rather have the days blend into my life than have markers that stress the passing of time.

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  2. At my age, every dawn is a new day, to be cherished or endured. Having 9 grandchildren from 4 months to 13 years old, we get the chance to stare into the eyes of tomorrow, and it does recharge us.

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    1. I’ve seen a tree bearing a few blossoms too! It’s been so mild over here. I just hope we don’t get a late heavy snow like we did two years ago when my grandson was born.


  3. Luv that you center your self the way you do. The books, the songs the children: all motifs of continuity.
    I find myself not as exiced as before about ghd fireworks and the hype, but yet the continuing into a new year, that i look to with gratefulness

    Happy New Year

    Thank you for dropping by my blog Kim


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  4. Your Haiku is beautiful Kim. ☺️💕 Yes we can be like leaves clinging to the trees, hanging on for dear life until the wind carries us. I sometimes wish NYE was more of a day for reflection and meditation than a big celebration.

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