Mothering Sunday

I left the laptop, just for a minute or two,
to let the cats out and make the first
cup of tea of this morning. I looked out
at the sunshine, perky daffodils
and drooping snowdrops
gathered at the end of the garden,
smiled to myself, and then,
from the laptop’s scrolling photo display,
a matching smile beamed back,
a sad reminder that it’s Mothering Sunday.

Now I wait, passing time with poetry,
for another smile to brighten up my screen
across the distance of this self-isolation
to say ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to me.

Kim M. Russell, 22nd March 2020

A poem to share at the Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry

39 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Lovely pics of your Mum and daughter. Lock down is better in a small place than in the big city.You can do all those things you have been putting off for years. Mine would take about five years or more to complete. Let’s hope it does not last that long.

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  2. Poetry is a wonderful way to release what we hold inside us .. especially during this difficult time of self-isolation. Sending love and hugs, Kim. 💝

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  3. Words, remembrance, and self-love are great nourishment in times of scarcity. Making a meal might take more effort than usual, but… as this poem suggests, some souls will do all they can feed themselves what they need.

    Happiest Mothering Sunday, to you. I so love the title. 🙂

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  4. Blessed Mothering Sunday, Kim. Many family gatherings are cancelled, no doubt. Thank heaven for the internet, which keeps us all connected.

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  5. With my own kids ringing to check on me it is certainly good that I am not in this catastrophe alone and they are regular contact. I do hope all the comments that you received made this day for you.

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    1. You too, Rajani. We’re in lockdown now and I think my husband will be at home too, so I won’t be on my own during the daytime. I hope you’re not on your own.


      1. No I have my husband with me as well. Thanks, Kim. They’ve announced a nationwide shutdown starting tonight for 21 days. Earlier it was the state curfew. Mid-April seems very far away right now.

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