Conjuring Spring

After dark months
of hard-as-iron winter,
cold and long,
the first month of spring
has been bereft of birdsong.
Still, the vernal magic wand
is quietly greening,
scattered with white stars
of snowdrops, yellow daffodils
and golden coronas of celandine,
conjuring constellations of sunshine.

Kim M. Russell, 23rd March 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille #100: Abracadabra! Where’s My Magic Wand?

Linda is our host this Monday and she is brightening up our depressive world situation with her magic wand, starting with a quote from Nora Roberts about the existence of magic. She has also shared a wonderful poem by Dean Young, entitled ‘Belief in Magic’.

I love this challenge, to use the word ‘magic’ in any form, including making up our own words as long as they contain magic!

50 thoughts on “Conjuring Spring

  1. I heard birdsong the other morning, and our daffodils are blooming, BUT yesterday we had a rain/sleet/snow sort of precipitation. UGH! Stay sheltered and stay safe, Kim!

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  2. Oh Kim, such a cleansing and mystical time, this spring. You travel from the earth to the constellations and it is beautiful….we need a strong dose of Spring and Beauty and your poem does it well.

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      1. I agree….it’s virus empty and the birds, rabbits, bugs, etc….are magical elements to treasure! I think we all need to plant Victory Gardens!!!! Can’t hurt and it’s a damn good practice. And even pulling weeds is a good activity for now.

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  3. I am always amazing how energizing the spring blooms are when I see them again. I am so thankful right now for the energy of the flowers. I especially liked your words here, “constellations of sunshine”

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    1. Thank you, Grace. I went for a walk around the garden yesterday: the quince tree has lots of blossom and I noticed a few on the old plum tree, too. The apple trees and the cherry look healthy. I can’t wait for them to explode !


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