After nearly two weeks within these walls,
and even more to follow,
with only walks around the garden,
how long can claustrophobia be suppressed?
I write poetry in pyjamas, no reason to get dressed
until I open the back door to spring sunshine,
to hang out washing, feed the birds,
pace around the willow chanting words
that no one else can hear. And then I’m kissed
by the breeze, greeted by greening trees,
a clump of sunny daffodils
almost brings me to my knees,
and I realise the cat has followed me,
her fur silvered and spring glossy.

Kim M. Russell, 24th March 2020


My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Silver Linings

17 thoughts on “Silvered

  1. A strange spring inside this pandemical spring, rich with reawakenings and gifts we couldn’t have otherwise discovered. My indoor exile has been fraught with anxieties about work and bills — an awful and oft-impenetrable cloud — but the days are magically warm and scented with blooming jasmine. Outside has become the grail chapel! Thanks for making it to earthweal with this gift so “fur silvered and spring glossy.”

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  2. What a sweet kitty. I am okay staying in, because it could be worse, I could have the virus. SO scared of that. I love the description of your back yard and all the beauty greeting you.

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      1. David is working, as he is a key worker, helping to keep gas supplies flowing to households across the country – and I worry about him too. He’s worried in case he brings the virus home.

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