The Clarity of Lunacy

Dark clouds lift and take my soul;
daytime solitude,
taunted by spring sun and blossoms,
fades into clair de lune,
madness hugs
and kisses the moon,
her friendly face
the soft pale blue of porcelain glaze.
I stand at the window and gaze
at a night-blackened empty street,
no cars pass,
no people strolling by,
but after the dark clouds of lunacy,
moon and stars stud a clear sky.

Kim M. Russell, 24th March 2020

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Now I Can See…

Mish is hosting Poetics today with some enlightening words from Mizuta Masahide, the 17th century samurai and poet, a student of Basho:  “Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”

Mish reminds us that, in Zen poetry, the moon often symbolizes the truth or ultimate awareness and, in this quotation, the burning barn could be the hardship or catastrophic loss we must experience in order for the sky and mind to clear, creating a new view, and a possible awakening.

Mish links this to the current world crisis, in which it may seem as though we are watching pieces of our normal life breaking away.

Mish asks us what we see? Is it something we haven’t seen before or something we’ve forgotten? What does Masahide’s represent to us and what do our burning barns look like? That’s what we’re writing about today.

37 thoughts on “The Clarity of Lunacy

  1. This definitely resonates in many ways. The empty streets are such a haunting reminder of this unbelievable shift in our lives. Love the description, “madness hugs” and the musical choice seems perfect.

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  2. I agree, madness stalks us all in our straw houses, crossing every border, fangs flashing, dipping into the crowd indiscriminately for snacks, fish in a barrel, ducks in a row.

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    1. Throughout the day, the uncertainty preys on me, night comes and I relax a little, knowing I’ve got through another day, and then morning light, which is getting earlier, wakes me with a start. When will the madness end?

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  3. I read this aloud and it was a lyrical symphony to my ears! Love the title. I especially liked the lines,
    “but after the dark clouds of lunacy,
    moon and stars stud a clear sky.”
    Seem like a great way to end a remarkable poem!

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  4. kaykuala

    but after the dark clouds of lunacy,
    moon and stars stud a clear sky.

    It all goes to show that a clear headed personality may still not be good enough to be effective!


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