Early Rising

It’s four o’clock and it’s still dark outside,
but blackbird chorus glimmers gently through
the curtains gap. The window’s open wide
and I can smell the chlorophyll, the dew,
the dreamlike whiff of rain-soaked earth, and you
asleep beside me, unaware of dawn:
late risers hold morn’s moody light in scorn.

Kim M. Russell, 9th April 2020

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: The Perfect Seven Lines

Frank is our host for this week’s Meeting the Bar, and the challenge is to write a poem with seven lines.

Frank says that for some people, the number 7 suggests perfection, something positive to think of in the middle of the current uncertainty. The motivation for this prompt came from reading revivedwriter’s recent poem ‘Artists’ , a Chaucerian stanza about using art as comfort to others. 

Frank says that we can write a Chaucerian stanza, a seven-line poem in iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of ABABBCC, but any seven-line poem will do. 

40 thoughts on “Early Rising

  1. A blackbird chorus and rain soaked earth….lovely. We are having rain all day today in Boston and it just started to thunder! Have not heard that in quite a while.
    Ah to sleep with the window open…..not yet that type of weather here.

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  2. Chaucerian perfection. I do prefer to stay up late and sleep in, but at my age I wake a lot and trot off to the bathroom. At those times during the hour of the wolf, I hear the night birds, and they cheer me up.

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  3. We had storms last nigh and I know this because I went to sleep at 6 am. Not sleeping at all since Brad died. But I love the smell of spring and the leftover rain. Your poem is so lovely and gentle, I too listen to the birds singing away. I used to be an afternoon person but now, I have turned into a morning person.

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    1. Thank you, Toni. Your morning’s around my lunchtime and my six o’clock is the wee hours for you.Kill mentioned rain and thunder in Boston, so they must be quite widespread. Our weather is fine at the moment.


  4. A blackbird chorus and rain soaked earth… I woke up to a white world here in southern WV. The snow is almost gone now and I hope the cold temps don’t bite the flowers.
    Love this poem and the blessing of early rising.

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  5. It rained most of the day yesterday and all I saw flying around were the blackbirds. I guess they don’t mind what the weather brings. My favorite line as there is a bit of a magical spell of rain and earth.

    the dreamlike whiff of rain-soaked earth

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