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Yesterday I found out that my children’s novel, which I self-published on Monday, was #6 in the Amazon Hot New Releases in Horror & Ghost Stories for Children. Not having any experience in marketing and promotion, I had no idea about this, and it took a friend to make me aware of it. Being #6 yesterday was wonderful, but this morning Joe and Nelly has dropped to #11.

It has been on Inkitt for a while, and received a couple of reviews. Ivan gave it five stars and said, “Absolutely beautiful work.! I like the plot and writer’s style! Good job!” 

Dorna also gave it five stars and wrote, ” The characters are truly heartfelt and believable. The events of the Second World War were relatable to any who have survived the times and those who study history.”

At the moment, it’s free on Kindle Unlimited and isn’t much to buy. The one thing I would like to see is reviews, not only to promote the book but to let me know if it’s any good. I hope to release it as a paperback when the pandemic is over.

The important thing about Joe and Nelly is that it gives children a picture of what life was like for children who returned from evacuation in the Second World War. It’s not only a ghost story, it’s a historical novel. 

6 thoughts on “Joe and Nelly e-book

    1. It’s aimed at age 8+ but I’ve read it to seven-year olds and fifteen-year olds. It’s the kind of book you can read together or he can read it on his own. He might have questions about words and phrases, but you can explore them together. I hope he enjoys it.

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