Lockdown Blues Reds and Greens

Another unusual image for the Visual Verse  April 2020 issue, Vol. 7, Chapter 6.  You can find my poem on page 42 or you can link directly to the poem, entitled ‘Lockdown Blues Reds and Greens‘.

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15 thoughts on “Lockdown Blues Reds and Greens

    1. Thanks Peter! It was like that, the first day I stepped outside the front door after several weeks of isolation, and then again yesterday, when I had to visit the doctor. I’m back in my box today, nursing painful shingles – with no rash., I can’t believe I’ve hidden away from Covid-19 only to develop shingles!


  1. All of this world we are living in now is disorienting….but your description here just nails it.
    “and willow buds unfurling
    into pointillist portraits of spring”
    And to me….I love the idea of pointillist portraits…..those little dots everywhere and only when we step back can we see what they are put together to mean. In today’s world….and I’m projecting to your shingles as well….there are a million pinpricks coming at us and we we step outside into the fresh air, there is a woosh of new feeling, and our eyes can be blinded by what we see.
    This is a really excellent write!

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