Smiling Through Tears

How many stations are left on this journey?
How can we ever know?
We smile at each other with tears in our eyes,
how do we stem the flow?

Don’t worry about how long it takes,
relax and enjoy the view.
Keep smiling through tears, just let them go
and I’ll wipe them away for you.

When we arrive, will we be together
and will you hold my hand tight?
Who will be there to welcome us,
and will it be day or night?

I’ll stay with you for as long as I can,
holding your hand in mine.
We’ll smile together through salty tears
and everything will be fine.

Kim M. Russell, 18th April 2020

1,000+ Free Old Train & Train Images - Pixabay
Image found on Pixabay

My response to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads NaPoWriMo Day 18 Play it Again in April 2020: Encouragement

On Thursday, April 18, 2013, Susie wanted us to write words to bring light into our own lives or that of another, to lift the spirit. It’s even more apt and poignant than it was back then.

I’m merging this prompt with Kerry’s Skylover Wordlist, sourced from Dylan Thomas’s poetry collection Deaths and Entrances, from which the eighteenth word is ‘stations’.

I struggled to write this morning, as I’m in quite a bit of pain, and not so good at writing poems to lift the spirit. 

24 thoughts on “Smiling Through Tears

  1. Smiling through tears… is a gentle thought. Made all the more encouraging when we can hold the hand of our loved one at the same time.
    Thinking of you, Kim. Wishing pain-free days very soon.

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  2. It takes a lot of strength to smile through the tears .. 💝 this is such an evocative write, Kim! Sending love and hugs. Feel better soon!

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  3. I can interpret this on various levels, as I expect you intended. So if the train is life, arrival and disembarkation .. well, yes, I would wonder who might be there to meet me, and who might hold my hand as long as possible through the process. (Or even, perhaps, read me poems.)

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