Luna and the Blood Moon

Luna was hunting. She had left the house before twilight and was waiting for her namesake to give her a sign. She had already feasted on a vole and a field mouse. Magic was in the air.

Grandmother’s grimoire had promised freedom from her feline form. The words were indelibly burnt in her memory: When a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills, stare into its reflection in a running river and the curse will be lifted.

She reached the river at the rising of the moon. Luna stared into its crimson reflection in the fast-flowing river and felt its force in her blood. Her fur and whiskers bristled as Nature’s symphony magnified in her head – and then it stopped. The eyes that stared back at her were still emerald green, but they were jewels set in a human face.

Kim M. Russell, 20th July 2020

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My response to dVerse Poets Pub: Jazzing it up on Prosery Monday

Lillian is our host this Prosery Monday, when instead of poetry we take the prompt and insert it word for word into a piece of prose no more than 144 words in length.

The poem Lillian chose is Carl Sandburg’s ‘Jazz Fantasia’; however, she had trouble choosing a line, so she selected two lines, from which we can only pick one, either:

“Moan like an autumn wind high in the lonesome treetops”, or

“a red moon rides on the humps of the low river hills.”

I felt like writing a bit of flash fiction today, so I went with that red moon.

40 thoughts on “Luna and the Blood Moon

  1. LOVING this! It reads like mythology or a wonderful theme for a science fantasy. I think you must continue with the story…..set it in a context with more upfront and certainly continuation….I want more! 🙂 Love that it’s Luna and the Blood Moon. Really! It think you should write a young adult’s science fantasy with this title!

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  2. Oh, this is so creative! It reminds me a bit of the Glasmännlein from an old German tale called Das kalte Herz, or The Cold Heart. In it, or at least how my granny used to tell me, glass can be a transformative thing, because our reflections can reveal who we really are and that can be a transformative experience in-itself. In a sense, though Luna’s reflection was truthful in both forms, it was being reflected that materialised the change.

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  3. A perfect page of prose pulled from a prolific writer’s journal, it being rife with powerful and interesting tidbits, fodder for further development. This piece contains shreds of pure interest, velvet hooks for the readers.

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  4. WOW, I love this story. The way it transitions in the mood and tone is absolutely mesmerizing and stunning. The fantasy genre here is as well intriguing, and just what an excellent take on the prompt! I was not expecting the ending to be honest.

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  5. So glad the curse was broken and I love the way you revealed it… “The eyes that stared back at her were still emerald green, but they were jewels set in a human face.”


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