Luna and the Blood Moon

Luna was hunting. She had left the house before twilight and was waiting for her namesake to give her a sign. She had already feasted on a vole and a field mouse. Magic was in the air. Grandmother’s grimoire had promised freedom from her feline form. The words were indelibly burnt in her memory: When […]

A Way Back to the Garden

In the garden she was lovingly cultivating, Mother Nature stood back. The plants were doing well, flourishing even, producing flowers and fruit of every colour, even some she hadn’t invented yet – they were going it alone. Birds and insects carried pollen from one part of the garden to another, cross-pollinating, creating forest and jungle, […]

Tearing down the House

The abandoned building rose out of the snowy scrub, a fungus spreading spores of fear and sorrow. Uninhabited for over fifty years, suicide and murder tainted its walls and floors with faded splashes of red that refused to disappear. It was no mystery who had murdered the family; he had been executed long ago. Everyone […]

Dancing with Shadows

I found out today that this flash fiction submission was unsuccessful. Her feet guided her across the sprung wooden floor. She felt the music through her toes and heels, the rhythm pulling her with ribbons of movement like a puppet into arabesques and pirouettes. It was invigorating and exhausting. When would the music stop? Twisting her […]