A Reply to Mother Earth

They read the wildfires,
listened to the songs of floods,
tornadoes and whales,
conversed with owl and eagle,
howled with wolves at the full moon.

But they ignored them,
too attached to throwaway
the centres of their own worlds,
to care about the real world.

It took a whisper,
the gasp of a pandemic,
to make them listen
and notice nature’s kindness
in the blossoming of spring.

They’ve come full circle,
the warning was too quiet,
here they are again,
Earth’s children running riot
with their fingers in their ears.

Although you love them
dearly,you might have to spell
it out more clearly.

Kim M. Russell, 25th July 2020

File:Atalanta Fugiens - Emblem 2d.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
Image found on Wikimedia Commons

A poem for earthweal open link weekend #30

14 thoughts on “A Reply to Mother Earth

  1. “Earth’s children running riot with their fingers in their ears.” That says it all. Wonderfully written, Kim. Wow. I made my friend laugh the other day by saying “Maybe people are so destructive because they know there’ll be no future generations to judge us.” Sigh.

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  2. What a great illustration!
    Luckily my own children never frequented the kinds of self-destructive activities people are prone to when trying to prove that no one (especially their mother) can tell them what to do. But too many of us of all ages are still trying to prove a point of some kind about our independence. Human behavior follows no logic. (K)

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  3. This poem really tells it like it is. People are running riot with their fingers in their ears here too. What a wonderful description! It makes me wonder what will happen next.

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      1. Yes, it is rife in Melbourne, case numbers are climbing and many pople are still taking risks. The city is in lockdown. I am outside the lockdown area but cases are going up here too. I am being very cautious.

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