Comfort in Cookies

We stood by a field,
watched waves
of leafy greenness rolling,
wind-blown and whispering,
born from earth and sky.

We stood and breathed
the scent of stiff-stalked
oats flourishing and bearing
flavoursome, nourishing
crisp-cased seeds.

I held your hand
on that summer walk,
a slightly calloused hand
normally used to work,
sometimes to cook and bake.

Yesterday, your hands
mixed soft, white oat flakes
with raspberries, apricots
(among other delicious things),
and spread the mixture on a tray.

In the oven’s heat,
the oats, that once grew green
in sun and rain, toasted sweet
and chewy, baked
by your hands for me to eat.

Kim M. Russell, 22nd July 2020

Two Flapjacks Stacked On An Oat Background Stock Photo - Download ...
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My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #29: Writing about food

Sanaa is our host this week. She says that many writers have indulged in writing about food over the decades and the simple detail of food can concentrate emotion on the page, evoke memories, and send us down nostalgia lane. She inspired us with ‘The Emperor of Ice-cream’ by Wallace Stevens, ‘Meditation on a Grapefruit’ by Craig Arnold and ‘This Is Just To Say’ by William Carlos Williams. Our challenge is to write while inspired by food.

Our cookies disappeared before I could take a photograph, but the image I found is very close!

28 thoughts on “Comfort in Cookies

  1. This is singularly one of the most delectable poems I have ever read, Kim! 😍😍 So much to love here especially; “Yesterday, your hands mixed soft, white oat flakes with raspberries, apricots (among other delicious things), and spread the mixture on a tray.” Thank you so much for writing to the prompt! 🍪🍪💝

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  2. Not only are we presented with delicious-sounding fruit bars, you subtly present your love for the hands that made them. A beautiful poem, Kim.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If only more men would learn to cook and enjoy preparing meals as there is always such satisfaction in producing a three course meal that everyone loves. Being a widower for nearly ten years I quite enjoy planning the days main meal.

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