A Metaphor Senryu

in love and conflict
edit the mood with rhythm
and punctuation

Kim M. Russell, 29th July 2020

aerial view of green and brown land
Image by Jules Bss found on Unsplash

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #30: Writing as a Metaphor for Living

This Wednesday, Magaly is hosting from New York, where things are hot, hoping we are ready to play with cool words. For today’s prompt, she has a new word list:

allusion, conflict, edit, fiction, grammar, mood, pace, plot, poetry, prose, punctuation, rhythm, and stanza.

Magaly invites us to write new poetry or prose which includes three or more of the actual words, or derivatives of them, which should be part of our contributions. She says we can use them literally or figuratively, make our pieces about writing or living, let our themes be bleak or bright or whatever feels just right.

I chose conflict, edit, mood, punctuation and rhythm.

30 thoughts on “A Metaphor Senryu

  1. “Oh, yeah!” Just so you know, that’s exactly what my delight and I screamed when I read your senryu. I so love when a senryu says all what it wants and more, when it says it cleverly and efficiently. And the fact that that words are true also adds to the yumminess.

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