Feet to the Stars

You asked for a clean slate,
one with your own face on,

and a rainbow of colours
to brighten up your frown.

You tried so many different
smiles, noses and eyebrows,

a range of wigs and hats,
but it wasn’t until you turned

upside down, with your hands
planted firmly on the ground

and your feet to the stars,
that you started grinning,

eyes and teeth sparkling
just like a clown.

Kim M. Russell, 18th August 2020

Clown Upside Down Looking At Own - Free Stock Images & Photos ...

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Clowning Around

Today we are clowning about with Lisa, our host this Tuesday, who not only gives us a comprehensive history of clowns, but also some excellent examples of poems about them; my favourite is ‘You’re’ by Sylvia Plath.

Our mission is to take one of two paths: either write poems using the word clown or a word – real or created – with clown as the root; or choose a line from one of the three example poems and create poems of our own, including which poems we chose and attribution for them in our posts.

I chose to take inspiration from Sylvia Plath by taking some of her words and a whole line: ‘feet to the stars’, and ’A clean slate, with your own face on’.

48 thoughts on “Feet to the Stars

      1. I did! I was there for a week and we had a lovely time. We went to the park almost every day, played games, made plasticine models and read stories. I didn’t want to leave. 😊

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  1. Loving this! I’m reminded of our kids and our grandkids when they were little and loved to “clown around” and see the world upside down. You have me smiling here….which I’m very glad to do after reading Bjorn’s post!!! 🙂

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  2. “Clowning around” , like laughing itself, is fodder for the soul and heart, and some light-heartedness is good to find out on the trail.

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  3. kaykuala

    a range of wigs and hats,
    but it wasn’t until you turned
    upside down, with your hands
    planted firmly on the ground

    They certainly would have to start with the first grinning before others get provoked to do so. Yes, Kim, very true!


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