Insects and Stars in Jars

I have a poem in this month’s issue of Visual Verse, in which writers have been inspired by an image by Helen Marten.  Once again, I’m in excellent company.  You can find my poem on page 45 of Visual Verse Volume 7 Chapter 11 or you can go directly to the poem, entitled ‘Insects and Stars in Jars‘.

Linked to Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry.

20 thoughts on “Insects and Stars in Jars

  1. Yes Kim – powerful piece this. Never quite struck me before the this way – In a sense… the core of what one is trying to do when sitting by fragrant buddleas catching butterflies for example in a jar – as I did as a boy – one of my fondest memories of childhood innocence, as I imagined it to be…

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    1. Me too. Jars full of caterpillars that never turned into butterflies. There’s a company called Insect Lore that sells jars of caterpillars so that children can watch their metamorphosis. Apparently they work.


  2. Grandmother are real, wise, mythical creatures. They understand worth (of life and experience). I love the grandmother in your poem, as well as the granddaughter who learns to capture what really counts.

    It’s a beautiful poem, Kim.

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