September Quinces

sunshine through branches
glints off pendulous quinces
a floodlight of fruit

Kim M. Russell, 20th September 2020





My response to Carpe Diem Preview: Hosomi – a taste of Basho’s school for haiku

I’m so glad I dropped by Carpe Diem this morning and spotted the first prompt in a long while. Welcome back!

The new feature is exciting; it’s called ‘Basho’s School at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’ and aims to share the knowledge of Basho, as taught at his school.

Today’s lesson is about ‘hosomi’, a technique used by poets to convey what ordinary people don’t hear or see, ‘as if poets have a thin thread bound to the heart of the essence of life, connected with all and everything around them’.  Chèvrefeuille tells us that poets who are enlightened can find an inner spot to become one with their surroundings and nature. In Western poetry, ‘hosomi’ is closely related to hyperbole.

Chèvrefeuille has given examples of haiku that illustrate this technique by Matsuo Basho, Ueshima Onitsura and Mizuhara Shuoshi, as well as one of his own.

The goal for this taste of Basho’s School is to create a haiku (or tanka) in which we use ‘hosomi’.

10 thoughts on “September Quinces

    1. Thanks Sarah. I can’t reach our quinces, they’re too high up and most of them hang over our neighbour’s side of the fence! In case I manage to gather some, would you mind sharing your recipe?


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