Dreams by Candlelight

I fell asleep
in the pale heat
and candle salve of twilight,
nodding to an open book.

In a pellucid quest
for hallowed rest,
my yellow dreams
ploughed lucid farrows
towards the sunrise
of my tomorrow.

Kim M. Russell, 20th October 2020

Woman Reading by Candlelight (1908) by Peter Vilhelm Ilsted

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: The Charms of Samuel Greenberg

Laura is back to host Poetics this week, with poetry by Samuel Greenberg, which she arrived at via Rimbaud and Hart Crane. She has given us a background of this “impoverished, proto-surrealist poet, who never published a word in his life“, and to whom Crane gave the epithet ‘the embryo Rimbaud’. We also have extracts from some of his poem to inspire us.

Our challenge is to read the whole poem ‘The Pale Improptu;, which we must cite in our posts, and take five of the 21 ‘charms’ Laura has listed from it to string together in a poem with style and word length of our choosing.

I chose candle salve, pale heat, yellow dreams, lucid farrows and pellucid quest.

35 thoughts on “Dreams by Candlelight

  1. Enter the Sandman in the guise of poet, reading Greenberg in Richard Burton’s voice, with soft Celtic serenades barely audible. Nice job. Glad you cleared up farrow/furrow.

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  2. kaykuala
    ploughed lucid farrows
    towards the sunrise
    of my tomorrow.

    Love the good feelings coming one’s way in the morrow. There has to be a positive impact to counter the current troubling times. Wonderful write Kim!


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