Covid Celebration


before the grip of winter’s chill
almost all the leaves are gone
exposing branches to a cloudless sky
and pale light of a more distant sun


I watch it from the window
cold glass between me and the world
a video call heralds the promise
of a smiling face


a Sunday birthday this year
four decades of being my girl
mother and daughter together
rejoicing at a distance

Kim M. Russell, 18th November 2020







My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #46: Let’s Celebrate!

It was Rosemary’s birthday last week, which got her thinking about the friendship poetry has brought her over the years. She ponders on poetry being a recipe for instant intimacy, an opportunity to see into each other’s souls. She also tells us about her birthday party, with presents, foodie treats and a birthday dress – with a photo to prove it, and another to show us that she hasn’t really changed.

Rosemary wants to continue the party mood here by inviting us to write something celebratory or about a particular celebration, real or imagined.

It’s my daughter’s fortieth on Sunday and this year it will be a strange Covid celebration.

29 thoughts on “Covid Celebration

  1. I appreciate the longing that distance brings. My beautiful daughter is 3000 miles away and we rarely get to celebrate her birthday together. A mother’s love finds its way, however, across the mies.

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  2. Happy birthday to your daughter! I felt a little bad for my son that his 21rst birthday was spent with his weird parents and sibling, but he was a good sport. I’m so grateful Zoom exists though, for those connections outside the home.

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  3. A nice tribute to your daughter, Kim. Everyone should have a daughter, I have two daughters, four granddaughters, In-law daughters and granddaughters, etc . Both Texas and Nebraska (where I grew up) were shy on public transportation. Having a car was freedom of sorts.
    Thanks fdor peeking in and sorry I’m late returning. Things piled up..

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