Orbs of honeyed trust
glow in the darkness
at the end of the bed,
incandescent torches
searching in the night
for human heat.
In the morning,
after breakfast and a treat,
blue-eyed companion
relinquished for the day,
the owner of the amber eyes
goes out to hunt and play.  

Kim M. Russell, 17th November 2020

Mojo on the garden path

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Look into my Eyes

This Tuesday Mish is our host, and she tells us that she is fascinated by eyes: by their ability to convey without words, their magnetic power of connection, confession of truth or lie, and their genetic beauty.

Mish has given us two choices: we can either incorporate the theme of eyes into a poem or, from our own collections or from an online resource of free images, choose photos where the eyes speak to us, express an emotion or lure us in. And no one said they have to be human eyes.

45 thoughts on “Feline

  1. Love this description of your cat’s eyes! They do have the most amazing eyes, right? We had a Siamese when our children were growing up….she ruled the house even with two German Shepherd dogs in it! And oh her eyes….

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  2. I like the shift between night and day, how Mojo’s eyes shift, and how everything flips (e.g. from heat-seeking to hunt and play.) Cats hold endless fascination for me, and their eyes say and do so much.

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  3. Out Yom, Kesi-moto lived 14 years. He’s been gone several years now. If it weren’t for cat box duty, I’d want another one. Kesi was an outside cat, who never needed, or wanted a cat box; spoiled us.

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    1. Thanks Ken. Mojo is the least independent of our two. She found me at the local cat rescue, where she was taken with her siblings after her mother died. They were very young. She chose me and didn’t leave my side for the first two years. She is now four and stays in the garden, always checking back that I am here. She still sleeps on me too. 🙂

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