Zig Zagging

Winter sun slants low, cold,
white gold,

casting faint shadows across
the frosty fields,

prettifying furrows and hedges
and rusted plants around the edges.

Is it possible to backlight a hare’s ears,
making them glow pink

as it zig-zags its way home this morning?

Kim M. Russell, 16th November 2020

Jackrabbit with backlit ears - Big Bend National Park, Texas | Tiere

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: Poem Those Possibles

De is here again to host Quadrille Monday, when we write poems of exactly 44 words, including a specific word. Today it’s ‘possibilities’ in any of its many forms.  

Image found on Pinterest

55 thoughts on “Zig Zagging

  1. What an uplifting image – the hair’s pink ears. I love cold and frosty mornings, and that hare made me think of the story ‘Guess how much I love you?’ I feel all warm inside now 😊

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  2. I am in love with the opening image of your quadrille, Kim! This is the magic I so adore in your writing 🙂 the touch of nature .. palpable and inviting. Gorgeous write! 💝💝

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  3. Wow–another winner out here on the trail. Everyone is shining, more than ready for the quadrille, never restricted, whole worlds encapsulated in 44 words. This was a chilly and invigorating poetic ride.

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  4. This is just delightful!!!! Backlighting nature…..creating luminescent colors through autumn leaves clinging to the trees….and a hare’s ears!!! I’m really smiling! 🙂 Thank you, Kim. What a delight!

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