Just Playing

Before the second lockdown, I spent some Tuesday mornings walking with a group in our local woodlands, fields and lanes. Every week, the group leader planned routes for us to explore. I was delighted to discover new places to enjoy the landscape.

On one of our walks, we stood at the top of a rise and looked over a patchwork of fields. Just at that moment, a herd of adolescent deer came into view, leaping, skipping and chasing each other like schoolchildren at breaktime. I could have stood for hours just watching them, but they disappeared into a copse, and we moved on.

a clash of antlers
before russet turns to brown
nature’s playfulness

Kim M. Russell, 23rd November 2020

Free image of "Two Young Buck Deer Playing" by Sheila Brown in 2020 | Buck  deer, Young buck, Deer photos

My haibun for dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: Being But Human

I’m hosting Haibun Monday this week, where we are being inspired by one of my all-time favourite poets and writers, Dylan Thomas, and his poem ‘Being But Men’, which is about the sense of wonder of which all human beings are capable, but many just lose in the humdrum of life. This week, we are writing about when we last watched stars, a storm, the sea, an animal, or something else in nature that left us with a sense of wonder.

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57 thoughts on “Just Playing

  1. So beautiful seeing deer in the wild. I once saw a stag drinking from a stream in Cumbria, and every time I crossed the same bridge after that I kept looking hoping to see him again, but I never did!

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  2. Deer are everywhere coming down from our Cascade foothills, to join coyotes and bear foraging in the suburbs. The big thrill for us is seeing huge elk in the Fall.

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  3. Oh how I love this! 💝 I have never seen a deer up close 🙂 so I enjoyed the glimpse into what it feels like. Magical … just like your haibun, Kim. xo

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  4. Well captured, KR; very evocative. We’re living among them, up here, so it’s a fairly common sight…but NEVER tiresome. Perfect response to prompt. And thanks for hosting!

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  5. I loved your story, Kim. One ran across the road recently and gave my son a start. They are a bit of a hazard on the roads near trees, but they’re are beautiful to see in the fields.

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  6. We frequently see deer here, in our yards, by the road, in the fields. I love it when a herd of them passes through behind the head stag with his huge antlers and his harem and younglings following behind. I always plant extra in my garden for them to eat during the summer, How it must have delighted you to see the teenagers acting as teenagers will.

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