I am thankful for the small things
the early morning cup of tea
heat blowing under my knees
in the relentless chill of the study
the blanket wrapped around me
sunset orange, soft and comfy
a view of the garden and all I can see
dried honeysuckle vines on a breeze
a cheeky pheasant pecking berries
a squirrel scurrying up the apple tree
deer eating remaining leaves
the rattling chatter of a single magpie
time for poetry, reading and thinking
always thankful for the small things

Kim M. Russell, 23rd November 2020

My response to earthweal weekly challenge: Giving Thanks

Brendan says it’s not cold in Florida, but further North, a vaster chill gathers and deepens – I know, I can feel it this morning! – and south of the equator, there is an equidistant suggestion of spring. As he so eloquently puts it, one half trudges toward winter while the other breathes a springtide sigh of relief.

This week in the United States it’s Thanksgiving, which Brendan describes as a celebration of family and community much eroded by capitalism and pandemic, while Christmas looms on the horizon, a different one this year for millions of people who are isolating, shielding or grieving over lost family members.

Brendan asks us to praise the season we enter, this time in which we still exist, and give thanks for the bounty we are yet surrounded by, the nurture of what’s given.

14 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. This is a charming poetic gratitude list. I love ‘ the rattling chatter of a single magpie’ – it really brings the image to life. We need to be grateful for the small things with so many external worries which threaten to overwhelm us.

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