This Blursday

I will drift between
rooms and their limited views
from book page to screen

from sink to counter
bottom half in pyjamas
and tatty slippers

a baggy sweater
with the sleeves pulled down below
my frozen fingers

radio voices
loud to keep me company
the same old choices

keeping tears at bay
every Blursday

Kim M. Russell, 2nd December 2020

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #48: Words of an Unprecedented Year

Magaly is back this Wednesday. She says that we all need something good to soothe our memories of 2020, a year which has had a silver-lining or three: strangers spreading kindness, previously buried social issues coming into the light, and the Word of the Year going from 1 word to more than 40, in fact 47 words!

Magaly’s prompt was inspired by the ‘Words of an Unprecedented Year’ and has shared a list of some of them, from which she asks us to choose one or more to write new poetry or prose with a central theme inspired by our choice(s). I chose ‘Blursday’.

29 thoughts on “This Blursday

  1. Love your Blursday write, Kim, so very descriptive of your surroundings this and every Day. I’m in my flannel long sleeping shirt, I grabbed another blanket and am back to bed and hope to be sleeping for a few more hours.

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  2. Thanks for letting me in to check out your PJs and slippers, KR. For me it’s sweatpants and socks, but it sounds like we’re both a couple of sweater-ers. I’d invite myself over for coffee, but…um, Lockdown AND My Beloved Sandra would probably not approve.
    Hang in there, mid-weekly.

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  3. I’ve discovered I MUST dress before 9am, Otherwise, it’s PJs, slippers, robe all Blursday until it’s time to fall into bed ~ again. Imagining you right now, dressed to the nines, hair done, makeup perfection. Yes?

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    1. Helen, I think I need to start following your example. PJs all day long can’t be good for anyone. Perhaps, I will start with half. You know, dressing up from the waist up and hold on to the comfy bottoms a bit longer.

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  4. This one hurts. The closing lines, in particular, bring to mind a friend of mine who is not doing too well with self-isolation. She is trying so hard, but doesn’t seem to be able to pull herself out of the iso-funk. I

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  5. I sleep late, but dress every morning, and wear lipstick before leaving my mirror. Seems pointless some days, but I refuse to let listlessness invade!

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  6. My top always looks nice just in case a supervisor requires the camera to be on for our Zoom meetings at work. But 9 times out of 10 I’m in PJ bottoms (the 10th time being exercise pants) and I much prefer the camera off if I’m in a peak Blursday mood like the one you described,

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  7. I have to admit one day I’ll have makeup and jewelry on and others I pronounce it’s jammy day and that going three days without washing the hair is good for it. 🙂 Here’s to drifting and tatty slippers 🙂

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