Logs in the Basket

Logs are frozento the touch,land in the wicker basketwith a thud.Dusty damp coalfills the hodand newspaper crownswait to lightkindling in the grate. As yesterday’s newsgoes up in smoke,flames roar to lifein our inglenook. Kim M. Russell, 14th December 2020 My response to dVerse Poets Pub Quadrille: In the Inglenook Linda is back this Monday to […]

A Change of Mind About Sharks

After years of needless fearof creatures I will never face,I’ve had a change of mindabout sharks being dangerous,blood-crazed and murderous. Last night, I watched a programmeabout the wonders of the deep,and marvelled at the pyjama shark,a stripy type of cat-shark (you know how I love cats). It lives on the bottom of the ocean,among kelp […]