Nude Study in Yellow

Her outstretched arms are fluid,
drenched in golden liquid,
legs immersed in shadowed
movement, feet flexed,
ready to run.

He wipes the brush,
dips it into cadmium. 

Are these broken lines
in shades of banana
a sun-filled visual love poem
or a jaundiced portrayal
of love gone lemon-sour?

Kim M. Russell, 6th December 2020

A failed submission shared with Poets and Storytellers United Writers’ Pantry

This is an ekphrastic poem inspired by John Di Leonardo’s Nude Study (Canada) 2020,  but I am unable to share the image due to copyright infringement.  I hope you can imagine it.

33 thoughts on “Nude Study in Yellow

  1. I often wonder at the thoughts of the artist and how they reflect in the colors he chooses. Yellow – could be sunshine or lemons, as you suggest.

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