A Seasonal Relationship

this is the season of the wistful
to early morning’s frosty chill
snowdrop, crocus and daffodil
                                                      a sky
instead of cloudy grey spills
                                                      clear blue
when the promise of sunshine thrills
as winter turns its back on us
the pang of regret will pass

Kim M. Russell, 10th March 2021

My response to Poets and Storytellers United Weekly Scribblings #60: Troubled Relationships

Magaly is back with an invitation to write new poetry or prose using ‘a troubled relationship’—literal or metaphorical—as inspiration. Tricky!

23 thoughts on “A Seasonal Relationship

  1. Admiring your craftiness here, Kimbo. I, too, was thinking Waltmarie, but this is even beyond waltmarie-ish wonderful. And I echo your “amen”. Great stuff; THANKS.

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  2. You’ve described the ups and downs, boils and chills of the seasons (and our so human reactions to them) so well, Kim. It makes me think of everyone who complains of the cold in winter and rages at the heat in summer (yes, I’m guilty of both). We are strange creatures, and your poetry points out our human tells so prettily.

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  3. Goodbye, hello, blue skies and sunshine will bring anew from (after the little rain shower).
    Change of seasons are to be written about, you did well, Kim.

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  4. Nary a flower or a leaf yet, and it’s supposed to dump snow this weekend. My spring depression is rearing its ugly head, though. Every year I hope it will give me a pass, but it never does.

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