Window View

It’s chilly in here. During the recent sunny spell, I turned the heating off. The rug over my knees and legs is keeping them warm; my fingers are white with cold. Mojo is sitting on the back of my chair; I turn my head to smile at her and she turns to me, a cat greeting.

I want to focus on writing, but the view from my window, the one to the right of the desk, calls to me with honeysuckle cascading down the trellis, adorned with gems of dark pink and purple buds. Its space is infringed by a branch from the cherry tree, with one frilly blossom, a pom-pom waiting for its sisters to join in with a rah-rah to the season.

The moment I finished the last paragraph, the sun blazed through the window to the left of my desk and quickly disappeared again. A breeze has got up and the honeysuckle leaves are trembling.

this blushing cherry
a lone cheer from the side lines
evanescent bloom

Kim M. Russell, 26th April 2021

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Haibun Monday: The Present Moment

Frank is back on a Monday when we write haibun, the hybrid form that combines prose and haiku, to explore the present moment.

Frank says that we all have a history and a future, to which we pay a lot of attention; he asks how often we pay attention to what is happening right now. He says that the present moment eludes our urge to capture and crystalize it. Many poets have sought to express the mystery of the present moment, such as Robert Browning, Thomas Centolella and Hortensia Anderson, whose words Frank has shared with us.

However we experience it, Frank would like us to write haibun that express the present moment.

57 thoughts on “Window View

  1. I really felt I was sharing the moment with you here, Kim, except that my cat is tearing around the room like a maniac! I love the idea of cheerleading cherry blossoms 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Gillena! it’s lovely to know that you too have a view, which I imagine is very colourful with all your beautiful plants. happy Tuesday – it’s morning here and the sun is actually shining! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Kate. It’s already Tuesday here, the sun is shining and there’s a little more blossom to enjoy. Mojo has joined Luna under the bed – it’s still very chilly.

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      1. You’re welcome. Awesome! Kim, I found some “plug-in” electric hand warming gloves online for my sons’ girlfriend and wife. They somehow plug into your computer. Fingerless so you can type with them on. Son’s girlfriend loves them! They don’t cost much but give so much comfort. I’d love to see you get some ❤

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  2. Kim,
    I love these lines,
    this blushing cherry
    a lone cheer from the sidelines
    and they connect back so well to the pompom cheerleader.
    You captured the moment beautifully.
    Thanks for sharing.

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