Words in the Wind

I am the woman of the wind,
mistress to the Aeolian king,
sometimes just a sighing breeze,
a Zephyr tantalising trees,
or a warm-breathed sirocco
fresh in from Morocco,
and sometimes a gale,
with a strident wail,
I wuther over moors and I
squabble in the sky.

My vocal range is wide
to suit all weather,
to dissipate clouds
or gather them together.

Kim M. Russell, 8th April 2022

Woman Wind Pictures | Download Free Images on Unsplash

Image by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

The optional daily prompt this Friday asks us to name our alter-ego, describe him/her in detail, and then write in their voice.

41 thoughts on “Words in the Wind

  1. The Unsplash image fits the ‘lift’ your words gave me as I read through your brilliantly crafted piece. Fabulous images. Especially love: “a Zephyr tantalising trees”

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  2. I loved this! The rhymes were surprising and engaging and the imagery was perfect. I loved how those last lines fit and made such a perfect ending/conclusion. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. That’s a wonderful surprise to wake up to on a Saturday morning. Thank you so much for making my weekend special! I’m looking forward to today’s prompt.


  4. Loved reading this, Kim. Congratulations on being today’s featured entrant for yesterday’s writing.
    About three weeks ago we were on a cruise ship and supposedly would be the first cruise ship in Morocco Casablanca since the COVID-19 outbreak. Supposedly because two days before we docked they sent us going on by. Maybe a good thing because Mrs. Jim was at that time under quarentine for the disease. Four days I was also tested positive, I had caught it from her. I’m guessing we had between 50 and a hundred were in the isolation ward wing with us.
    Bad news, the CDC had just abandoning the masking requirements for American cruise ships. I’m glad it’s being kept for the airlines. We were vaccinated and had the booster shots but still were downed. Wore masks quite often as well.
    Again, I’m happy for your award here. You are a good writer ( and encourager too for me as I started writing. Thank you.)

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