Aphorisms of Hope Lost and Found

Hope is a bat hunting moths round a light
only for both to be swallowed by night;

it’s the sweet chime of birdsong, the patter of rain
when summer has gone, and we can breathe again;

it is the wash of waves and their up and down 
after static traffic in a busy town;

it’s the giggling gurgle of living water;
and the offspring of an only daughter.

Kim M. Russell, 8th September 2022

Björn has set the bar high for this week’s Meeting the Bar at the dVerse Poets Pub, with an aphorism prompt. He says that, even if we don’t know it, we probably use aphorisms in everyday life.

He has provided a definition of an aphorism: a statement that presents a moral or philosophical idea with a pithy statement that expresses a general idea of the world as, for instance, a metaphor, and gives the example of ‘The grass is always greener on the other side (of the fence)’, which has become a well-known idiom.  Björn says that many of us use quotes as part of our poems, and very often these quotes can be seen as aphorisms.

Today, Björn would like us to formulate our own aphorisms. Another option is to take an existing aphorism and reformulate into something new. Tricky!


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