Notorious Punch Bowl

In Surrey’s countryside, 
legend says that Satan lived nearby
to the God of Thunder at Thor's Lie, 
tormenting him by leaping from hill to hill.

Thor retaliated to no avail, 
so he scooped up some earth to hurl, 
and created the Devil's Punch Bowl.

Kim M. Russell, 19th September 2022

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This Quadrille Monday at the dVerse Poets Pub, De is our host for an evening of pithy little poems that pack a punch – quadrilles, those poems of exactly 44 words that include a specific word. Today the word is ‘punch’.

De says that she is feeling a little punchy, is after the perfect poetic punchline, and asks us to grab our word punching bags and turn a punch recipe into a refreshing poem. She tells us to holepunch our way into the lyrical universe and not pull any punches. She has even given us further inspiration with a poem, ‘On Lending a Punch-Bowl’ by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

I should have been visiting my pregnant daughter this week, but her husband is in hospital with a collapsed lung and pneumonia, so we agreed to postpone the visit until half-term in October, when I will help look after my four-year-old grandson.

On the positive side, I can take part in tonight’s prompt, with a poem about a place not far from where my daughter lives.


39 thoughts on “Notorious Punch Bowl

  1. That God of Thunder can make a mess of everything. Around here it is our electric items, in Midland it is a large hole like yours. I’m sorry for your SIL, I hope, and said a prayer, that he has a speedy recovery

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