Tuscan Sunset

Summer lingers: 
a few green leaves 

the colour of basil and fennel seed 
in thyme-scented September hedges;
a flurry of saffron around the edges
of a stilted, shrivelled sunflower;

unharvested corn, a dirty ochre, 
and moon-yellow unmown grass gild autumn. 

A mural of flavour,
a kaleidoscope of colour.

Kim M. Russell, 20th September 2022

Image by Frances Gunn on Unsplash

Tuesday has come around again and this week’s Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub is hosted by Merril, who is spicing things up with a list of twenty-five herbs, spices, flavours, and spice combinations from A to Z. She would like us to pick at least three for our poems, more if we so desire, and we can use words or phrases for our titles.


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