Strange Object

What is this object,
this slab of pulverised fibre
that was once a living plant?
No life remains here, only cyber
inhabitants of a starved planet.
Yet here it is: this wad of paper
tattooed with ancient symbols,
a human record of the signals
transmitted far into hyper-
space for thousands of years, 
trapped in the soul of a tree
in the name of creativity.

Kim M. Russell, 20th April 2023

Image by Maria Paula Contreras on Unsplash

It’s Day 20 and we’re 2/3 of the way through NaPoWriMo. The optional prompt asks what future archaeologists, whether human or from alien civilization, will make of us and the challenge is to answer that question in poetic form, exploring a particular object or place from the point of view of some far-off, future scientist, with the object or site of study being anything from a ‘World’s Best Granddad’ coffee mug to Pizza Hut, from a Pokemon poster to a mobile phone.


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