Approaching the end of the year…

empty landscapes are waking up:weak December sun glints off frailwebs; frost sparkles in the sweepof headlights; we follow the trailof ancient sages in search of gold,frankincense and myrrh, in taleswe repeat so Christmas can be sold. Now, opening the advent doorsamid lighted candles and Yule trees,we cannot shake a sense of awe.Come New Year, we […]

Necklace of Lights

An old-fashioned red London bus takes me back to childhood’s sleepy night-ride home from my grandparents house: sitting between Mum and Dad, bare legs on fuzzy seats, folding concertinas of paper tickets, hypnotised by the perfume of exhaust, rumble of engine, and the window’s black and empty gaze. I believed the stars – obscured by […]

Canal Reflections

Firefly reflections splash Inky canal water, Citric paint rinsed From the badger brush Of a Dutch master. Against the interplay Of twilight and shadow, Charcoal scratches Of lacy willow Veil a violet sky. Framed by a coal-black arch Like the lens Of the tow-path walker’s eye, A masterpiece unfolds Beyond the damp echoes Of the […]