Relentless Reverie

My response to imaginary garden with real toads Fireblossom Friday “Perchance To Dream”

Relentless Reverie

“To sleep, perchance to dream…” –Hamlet

The challenge is to write about–or from–a dream. I have taken some words and phrases from a poem I wrote and posted just over a year ago and created a new one.

The reverie was relentless:

a night of imagery

so vivid I was wired,

hands tight and restless

wringing rhymes

from dream-drenched sheets.

In shadow hours,

poems were like birds,

pecking whispered words

from papery lips

and tongue so dry

nobody heard.

© Kim M. Russell, 2016


15 thoughts on “Relentless Reverie

      1. Ah, I know that scenario. At the moment, Luna isn’t coming home or sleeping ion the bed much because of Mojo the kitten. She’s only been here since late Monday afternoon.

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  1. I love the comparison between the poems and the birds… I have dreamt I’ve written the perfect poem only to wake up and not remember a single line.

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  2. Such powerful images in this, Kim — love that you pieced it together from other bits of writing, just as we often piece together our dreams, to make sense of them. Your last four lines of the words being pecked, whispered — wondrous. Thanks for sharing.

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