Nature’s Way

My response to Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt – Cave – #writephoto


The way led down an old green lane,

Into the woods and back again,

A weed-riddled path quite overhung

With heavy foliage that swung

Across the crumbling hillside.


Returning ravens overhead,

Ill-omened messengers of the dead,

Croaked a raucous resounding knell,

Gurgled like a broken bell,

Jet feathered and coal-eyed.


Above the damp and earthy flatus

Of leafy plants and rotting humus,

The sulphurous stench of imminent lightning,

The thrumming air electric, frightening,

Sent us scrambling for a place to hide.


A crevice like a yawning grave

Opened to reveal a cave

Before us in the darkening day,

Proof that nature finds a way:

The ancient path had led us safe inside.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


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