Rhapsody in the Rain

Meeting in the park was the start

Of a tune that grew into a rhapsody

Accentuated by the rhythm of spring rain.


On a bench, their arms entwined, the rain

On hair and skin was romantic at the start,

They were so wrapped up in their rhapsody.


The impulsive improvisation of their rhapsody

Lost its excitement, damp and chilly in the rain,

They knew their music was ephemeral from the start.


From the start their love was just a rhapsody in the rain.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


My response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry challenge #47: Spring in the park, where for this week’s challenge, Jane has chosen the tritina. It’s a ten line poem arranged in three stanzas of three lines, and ends with a single line. The key words are the end of line words that become repeat and refrain words, so the best way to tackle it is to choose your three end of line words before you start. The prompt image is by Cornoyer: Early spring in Central Park.

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