Autumn Butterflies

Flickers of orange and crimson wings

Energised by the sun,

Blunder into September

As leaves that twirl

And wildly whirl

In innocent passion

For the balmy glaze

Of early autumn days.


© Kim M. Russell, 2016


Image copyrighted: Isadora Gruye Photography.  Reprint only with permission.

My response to imaginary garden with real toads Out of Standard – Fire from a Different Sun, where we are challenged to defy the conventions of a particular theme and find new places in the everyday. The challenge is to write a poem about a fire that doesn’t come from flames or the sun.  Bonus points awarded for those who are able to avoid using the words “fire” “flames” or any fiery imagery and keeping in mind that our poems must by newly written for this challenge and not previously written poems which conveniently fit the theme.  


23 thoughts on “Autumn Butterflies

  1. Love this Kim! Yesterday I saw a Flicker (not a butterfly but still lovely) sitting on a rock in my bird bath amongst my patio flowers and hummingbird fountain. Alas, the days of summer are waning but the beauty of fall is always such a joy! The burst of sunlight coloring the leaves shading the garden, add a new dimension of serenity and I hope for a migrating Rufous that just might stop by….

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  2. I love this it is very nice…I love autumn as well I can wait for October when the snowbirds start arriving for the winter and the tourist go home until the summer. I love the tourist but I like it even more when they live so I can visit the beach myself because from April till late October no native is on the beach that is where all the tourist are. kat

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