from a tiny seed
roots and branches sprout and grow
sharing sap of love

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image found on Dreamstime.com

My response to Carpe Diem Namasté, The Spiritual Way #3 spiritual love based on Zen Buddhism

We have a new episode of Carpe Diem Namasté, a special feature in which we are exploring the spiritual way, the spiritual background of haiku (and tanka).

Chèvrefeuille says we all know that haiku has roots in Zen-Buddhism, in which the only desire possible is to become enlightened. However, he says that as a haiku poet he has just one desire: to create that one masterpiece in which he can read, see, feel and reveal his master Basho. He tells us to be aware of our desires and not to feel ashamed when we discover them – desires and being aware of them make us human.

He explains that haiku wasn’t his first love; that was classical music, especially the music of J.S. Bach.  It was only after he had discovered painting and photography that he fell in love with haiku.

Chèvrefeuille says that haiku is love and we can find that idea in its spiritual roots: Zen Buddhism. Zen is love of the universe and love is the only energy that can bring peace to the world. Love for the tiniest things in nature makes us haiku poets.


8 thoughts on “Zen

  1. This is HAIKU Kim … you have caught the essence of nature … growth, the circle of life … this haiku is awesome and I had to read it a few times, in other words “I took this haiku 1000 times in my mouth and recited it and listen to its essence”. Listening is a gift and that gift we can use as haiku poets. Listen to nature … listen how we grow and share our love with the world.

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    1. I am blushing with pleasure at your comments Kristjaan, which are so appreciated. Carpe Diem is the place I come to first thing in the morning. Haiku and tanka get me thinking and get my creative juices flowing, and prepare me for other writing, as well as for the rest of the day.Thank you..

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