I am building a treehouse of words
at the end of the garden where no one can find it
up high among branches and birds,
tethered by feathers and covered with foliage,
plastered with poems and rendered with rhyme;
as part of the tree it will grow over time.

I am building a treehouse of words
which doesn’t have storeys but tales of all kinds
about birds of the night, songbirds and snowbirds,
woodpeckers, pigeons, owls and finches;
flocks of poems wing from their quills
to ink up the bark and varnish the sills.

I am building a treehouse of words,
as high as I can in the whispering birches,
a collection of stories and verse
by my favourite writers and some of my own
to keep out of reach on the very top shelf:
an architectural anthology all for myself.

Kim M. Russell, 2017


Image found on Pinterest

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics – DIY Building also linked to Imaginary Garden with Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Today Sara of Purple Pen in Portland is tending the bar. She tells us that she has always had a fascination with buildings, small, large, stone, or straw. She began thinking about designing her own building since the Flatiron Building is already taken. Which is why our challenge for today is to imagine that we have been given free reign to design any type of building we wish. What would our buildings look like?

49 thoughts on “Treehouse

  1. Build that treehouse of words – this is delightful Kim ~ Love the sounds specially of the second stanza and I can stay up there for a long time, smiles ~


  2. Ahh. a treehouse of words. I love it. My husband is building me a tree house at this point. Imagine, 65 years old and owning a tree house. I shall think of your lovely words when I climb to the top and have my first tea. I love this poem so very much.


    1. Thank you, Carol. When I was a child I spent a lot of time up in trees and they are my favourite plants, which is why our garden is full of them, as well as shrubs and, mostly, wild flowers.


  3. a tree house of words this is so magical, i felt inspired to write about the trees too again today after seeing the prompt, as it’s a part of my childhood and holds such lovely memories, loved the way your words stepped in tune with each others, lovely to read out loud verses!

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  4. Yup, a novel & lovely notion. I had a treehouse (more a rustic fort built by my brother and I) as a kid. I love the notion that Toni is getting one. My “house” has a writer’s tower above the trees.

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    1. Thank you, Sara! I got a bit tired last night so I have to finish reading everyone’s poems this morning, which I am so looking forward to..


  5. Kim, I think this is my favourite of all your poems. I think because the whole concept appeals to me greatly, and I love your use of repetition and rhyme.. it conveys a sense of nostalgia.

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  6. LOVE the illustration, the refrain, and the fanciful construction you’ve given us here. May I come visit? I shall bring a housewarming gift of rhyme, and sweet apple pie and perhaps you can provide the meter and wine? ❤🍷

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  7. to keep out of reach on the very top shelf:
    an architectural anthology all for myself.

    There will certainly be a set of people one keeps close in touch. Those are the ones on the very top shelf! Quite true Kim!


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    1. Thank you, Paul! I’m hosting the dVerse Quadrille this evening but I have choir practice between 7.30 and 9.00 pm so I will be late to the bar. Bjorn and the others will hold the fort until I get back!

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