Another Postcard from Klimt

he wrote
not in words
sea-sick on a page
but painted with damp brush
on warm canvas
sent a postcard portrait
from the poplars in his garden
and the shores of the lake

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Another Postcard from Klimt

Postcard of Gustav Klimt Im Garten seines Ateliers by Moritz Nähr 1910, produced by EDITION SKYE Wien

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Tuesday Poetics: Wish you were here.

De is hosting Poetics this Tuesday and is asking whether we’re tired yet?  She says that many of us are rocking at least one poem a day, all month long. Which is why today she is keeping it short, simple and, hopefully, inspiring. She wants us to write a postcard poem. 
This can be as simple as penning a poem that is short enough to fit on a postcard (or cocktail napkin, or Post-it note). Think micropoetry. We can add the challenge of writing a poem that is to, or from, someone, as if it were a note on an actual postcard. We can also choose a postcard image (one we own, or one we find online – just be sure to give credit where due), and use it as a visual prompt.  
Our poems can be serious, funny, fun, tongue-in-cheek, gleeful or melancholy. We just have to make sure they’ll fit on a postcard (think 12 lines or less), take us somewhere fabulous and make every word count.

I took an old poem and rewrote it.

50 thoughts on “Another Postcard from Klimt

    1. I never tire of his work. Every time we go to Vienna, I have to visit the Belvedere to get up close to his paintings. One of the best exhibitions they had was following a trail of the postcards he sent to Emilie Flöge, from which I have a catalogue. There’s an interesting article in the Telegraph from 2012 (the year we visited):

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  1. Klimt painted like a berserk cosmonaut, all starlight, pixie dust, & golden dragon scales–eons ahead of his time. Your card is dope, cool, boss & bitchin’

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    1. I’m glad you like it, Glenn! Klimt is one of the painters I would have loved to have met. Vienna at that time was colourful and exciting! However, war was just around the corner, followed by Fascism.


    1. I would have loved to have been Emilie Floege. She was a talented fashion designer and wore the most unusual gorgeous clothes. As much as I like beautiful things, I can’t pull them off and always look scruffy!


  2. I love this, Kim! It’s a postcard from your travels to Europe, which you send everyone back home…at least it appears to be a friend’s message to another art aficionado you want to share it with, real or not. 😉

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