each breath
secures the high harmony
an anchor in a gale
blowing dust
off the mantelpiece
standing on tiptoes
clouding the mirror
with a steady

Kim M. Russell, 18th April 2017


Image found on Pinterest

On Day 18 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we’re getting started. I’ve linked this post to Imaginary Garden with real Toads Tuesday Platform.

Ali Lewis says that getting started is the hardest part of writing, so let’s get it out of the way by either generating a completely random new sentence from a Random Sequence Generator or choosing a sentence that appeals to us from a nearby book, without thinking too hard about it. 

When we have the first sentence of our new poem, we have to lineate it in a way that adds meaning  and then write the whole thing, finally (optionally!) deleting the first sentence.

I chose to use the Random Sentence Generator and got ‘The breath secures the high harmony’. I didn’t delete the sentence but changed the first word. Because it’s such a short sentence, my first draft is a micro poem but I think I’d like to develop it later.

21 thoughts on “Breathing

  1. Kim, your poem has the feeling, of a mindfulness breathing exercise, after an anxiety/panic attack, in reminding oneself, to breathe, and center our core, through the exercise.

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  2. I found myself leaning towards my screen… At first, I thought I was looking for the breath in question. Then I realized that your description was just calling me to find out more about the breather. I enjoyed this very much, Kim.

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