Along the Hedgerow

On the other side of this hedge,
there’s a field and yet another hedge.
I can’t see through the thickness of the hedge
flecked with tiny mayflowers, stars in the hedge.
There are daisies scattered close to the hedge;
thorny tangles of brambles protect the hedge;
stealthy stinging nettles strangle the hedge;
medicinal dock leaves edge the hedge.
A lichen-sheened pole in the hedge,
devoid of wires, thrusts its rusty head through the hedge.
I overhear the sparrows that chat in the hedge
and inhale the overwhelming essence of hedge.

Kim M. Russell, 25th April 2017

On Day 25 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, it all ends the same way anyway.

Ali says he has given us a fun task: writing a poems in which every line ends with the same word. That’s it. It lends itself to comedy, but if we can make a tragic poem out of the prompt, Ali would be dead impressed. Our example poem is Paul Stephenson’s ‘The Apprentice’.

I don’t think this poem needs an illustration – it speaks for itself!


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