At nearly seven-thirty,
it’s chilly, with reports
of snow on the coast.
After overnight rain,
the sky is clear,
no snow here
and the sun,
a hot-air balloon
burning atomic
number one,
wears a Mona Lisa smile –
she’s in her element
and discrete
in her experiments.

Kim M. Russell, 27th April 2017


Image found on Pinterest

On Day 27 of The Poetry School’s NaPoWriMo prompts, we are writing about the elements.

Our poems today should contain one or more of the elements, classical or scientific. Andrew has provided a link to an excellent dynamic periodic table . The titles of our poems should be our chosen elements and we should try to steer clear of gold and ‘the element of surprise’ because they’ve both been done to death, and go for one of the more interesting ones. Our example poem isThe Manhattan Project’ by Spencer Reece on the element ‘Uranium’.


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