Sounds from Saturn

Noises from the eerie vacuum inside
Saturn’s rings are sucked out,
dying silently in the sad, black void.
If we listen, we can hear
pops and cracks in the near-
total emptiness of space tinnitus,
of charged particles and atoms,
our audio postcards home.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

NASA's Cassini spacecraft in its first Grand Finale dive past Saturn

(Picture: EPA)

A quadrille for dVerse Poets Pub Open Link Night


50 thoughts on “Sounds from Saturn

      1. My grandparents had one of those really old Marconis. I loved twiddling between stations and listening to whistles and disconnected foreign voices. They could have been aliens or ghosts in the machine. 😱


      2. Husband’s father worked for Marconi and the two of them used to build radio sets. I don’t know what they listened to, can’t imagine my father-in-law being interested in the songs of Saturn though.

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  1. Those sounds remind me of some of the synthesizer music from the seventies – there is so much else out there we cannot hear with the human ear. I love the idea these are ‘our audio postcards home’ :o) xxx

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      1. It looks like radio waves get converted to sound. There is also something in the article called “plasma waves” whatever they are. I heard Cassini was to go through those rings, but I forgot about it.

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  2. You can be our guide to the universe–for there is too much silence & emptiness surrounding us, from our own atoms to the billionth universe on the left–atomic particles only appear as we look for them, & the nucleus is still a green pea in the middle of Yankee stadium–wonderful to contemplate those audio postcards.


  3. Wonderful! I’ve listened to some of those sounds from the stars and planets, before, and they are really neat, but kind of spooky! But, I love anything like that, and your poem is a great reminder that the universe is not silent! 🙂

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  4. Sigh, I got hung up on postcards home–is the assumption here that beings from earth are within the Saturn rings? I seem to be the only one so literal. Certainly a nice spooky read. I’d like to hear those sounds myself.

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      1. Kim, no need to worry. I did not that one could use Kindle and do other forms of reading or other online anythings. (@–>–)

        And Thank You again, if I have not said so in some time, ‘Thank You so much for sharing your postings/Writings with us, your followers.’ (@–>–) (@–>–)

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