A Writer’s Window

Outside is a garden,
wild and green,
from my study window seen.

It’s tangled with branches
and shadowed with leaves:
my garden has the coolest breeze.

The riotous grass
is sunlight-dappled,
scattered with plum, quince and apple.

The dome of willows
is a hideaway
where cats, deer and pheasants play.

Outside the window are trees and birds;
inside there’s a writer with a head full of words.

Kim M. Russell, 2017

A Witer's Window

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Poetics: Looking Out / Looking In

Lillian is hosting today’s Poetics. She tells us that she grew up in a house with a large picture window. As a young girl, she loved going window shopping with her best friends. She found Alfred Hitchcock’s thriller movie Rear Window very disturbing! She has also told us a little about Johari’s Window Theory, a technique used to understand relationships with others and with one’s self.

Which leads to our prompt: Lillian would like us to walk around our houses or apartments with a camera and take a photo of the view from a window: of the window itself; looking at the window from the outside; or looking into the window; and then write a poem that is somehow related to that window/view. We should also try to include the word ‘window’ in the title or body of the poem. It may take us someplace metaphorically, actually describe what we see or cause us to ruminate. We should let the imagination dwell ‘in the window’ and then take off from there!

The post should include two things: a photo of a window or window view (inside or outside) and a poem that includes the word ‘window’ in the title or the text.


41 thoughts on “A Writer’s Window

    1. It is! It’s rarely mown so that the deer have something to chew on. We had to have four trees cut down or pollarded recently to let some more light in. Now I can see the boats on the cut beyond our back gate.

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  1. Your yard & your poem embraces idyllic, halcyon, mother earth moments in a natural riot of green on green; a place of peace & inspiration; suburbs, what a reality.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I totally agree with Victoria – this picture and poem makes me want to roll in the grass! I love how you framed the picture with the window pane making 4 different sections. Yeppers. I could write here. Now onder you do such amazing writing!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, yes. We need lots of light around here, too. We moved in to a house with a very neat garden – all narrow straight beds and evergreen shrubs. We’ve spent the last few years making it look wilder and less restricted. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle somewhere!

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