The Sight of Stars

ancient memories
light up the night sky
with a shimmer of
astral dust
yesterday’s magic

 astrology and mysticism
a twinkling aura
crowns the moon drunk
with cosmic wine
and weightlessness

motionless in freefall
earth is an afterthought

a blue yo-yo suspended
in the echo chamber
of space
while the universal orchestra
plays a silent requiem

Kim M. Russell, 2017

Image result for van gogh stars
Starry Night Over the Rhône, 1888, by Vincent van Gogh, image found on Wikipedia

My response to dVerse Poets Pub Meeting the Bar: the Acrostic

Our host for today is Frank and the form is the acrostic, whereby we take a word or phrase and use each letter as the first letter of each line in the poem, with the word or phrase reading vertically down the left side of the poem. Each line can be metrical or free verse or even a prose poem paragraph.

Franks says that there are many variations to the acrostic form, all of which are acceptable for this challenge, which is to is write an acrostic poem, including telestich, mesostich, double acrostic, compound acrostic, abecedarius, alphabestiary or some other variation we might come up with where the letters of a word or phrase are read vertically through the lines. It can be on any topic we want.

I based mine on the following quote: ‘…the sight of the stars always makes me dream’ – Vincent van Gogh

68 thoughts on “The Sight of Stars

  1. Oh this is beautiful. I am a sucker for stars and you have done them up in shiney paper with ribbon curls. I like how you broke out the sentence from the rest of the poem and then filled in with imagery fit for the stars. Always….Lovely.

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  2. Wow–lots of thought & creativity on display here–becoming my fave acrostic out here for now; very impressive. You really put the hook in me with /a blue yo-yo/suspended in the echo chamber of space/.

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  3. Beautiful, lovely, amazing! I simply loved it. The thoughts, the words, the usage of form..everything is so wonderful.The way you’ve described earth as an after thought and a blue yo-yo suspended in space, it’s awesome. What a pleasure to read it.

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  4. kaykuala

    a blue yo-yo suspended
    in the echo chamber
    of space
    while the universal orchestra
    plays a silent requiem

    Beautiful last stanza, Kim! One sees a sudden respite in a suspended yo-yo given support by quietness all around!


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